PostSharp Documentation

PostSharp Documentation

The goal of PostSharp is to help improve the C# and VB languages so that you can deliver features faster and with fewer defects. PostSharp make design patterns and thread safely first-class citizen in VB and C#, allowing to write code at the right level of abstraction, with lower boilerplate code.

This manual is designed to help you learn how to use PostSharp, from basic to advanced techniques. It can be read from start to finish or used as a reference.

Get the right format

This documentation is available in several formats:




The online documentation is always up to date and works with all modern web browsers.


The old good MSHelp format is still a favorite one. The CHM rendering contains both conceptual documentation and the API reference. You can download an older version of the PDF documentation.


The PDF format is optimized for print and is suitable for tablets. It does not contain the API reference. You can download an older version of the PDF documentation.

How to read this documentation?

Getting Started

If you just discovered PostSharp and want to get started, we recommend you start by reading PostSharp Overview. When you get at the topic Getting Started with PostSharp, continue on the right learning path according to your role and interests.

Reference Documentation

If you have already been using PostSharp for some time, you can use the current documentation as a reference and jump directly to the topic of interest. We suggest you have a look at What's New in PostSharp to make sure you are not missing the new features.