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NotifyPropertyChangedAttribute Methods

The NotifyPropertyChangedAttribute type exposes the following members.

Public methodCompileTimeInitialize
Method invoked at build time to initialize the instance fields of the current aspect. This method is invoked before any other build-time method.
(Overrides TypeLevelAspect.CompileTimeInitialize(Type, AspectInfo).)
Public methodCompileTimeValidate(Object)
Method invoked at build time to ensure that the aspect has been applied to the right target.
(Inherited from TypeLevelAspect.)
Public methodCompileTimeValidate(Type)
Method invoked at build time to ensure that the aspect has been applied to the right target.
(Overrides TypeLevelAspect.CompileTimeValidate(Type).)
Public methodCreateInstance
Creates a new instance of the aspect based on the current instance, serving as a prototype.
(Overrides InstanceLevelAspect.CreateInstance(AdviceArgs).)
Public methodGetAspectConfiguration
Method invoked at build tome to get the imperative configuration of the current Aspect.
(Inherited from Aspect.)
Public methodOnCloned
Method called after the an object enhanced by the current aspect has been cloned using MemberwiseClone(). The this parameter refers to the new aspect instance in the cloned object.
(Overrides InstanceLevelAspect.OnCloned(ICloneAwareAspect).)
Public methodOnFieldSet<T>
Public methodOnPropertyGet<T>
Public methodRuntimeInitialize
Initializes the current aspect.
(Inherited from TypeLevelAspect.)
Public methodRuntimeInitializeInstance
Initializes the aspect instance. This method is invoked when all system elements of the aspect (like member imports) have completed.
(Inherited from InstanceLevelAspect.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodQueryInterface<T>
Gets the implementation of a specified interface for the specified object.
(Defined by QueryInterfaceExtensions.)
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