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PostSharp.Patterns.Recording.Operations Namespace

The PostSharp.Patterns.Recording.Operations namespace defines recordable operations.
Public classAddCollectionItemOperation<T>
Represents a Add(T) or Insert(Int32, T) operation.
Public classAddCollectionRangeOperation<T>
Public classAddDictionaryItemOperation<TKey, TValue>
Represents a Add(TKey, TValue) operation.
Public classAddSetItemOperation<T>
Represents a Add(T) operation.
Public classAttachObjectToRecorderOperation
Encapsulates the Attach(Object) operation.
Public classChangeManySetOperation<T>
Represents any of the set operations that add or remove multiple items (e.g. IntersectWith(IEnumerable<T>), UnionWith(IEnumerable<T>), ...).
Public classClearCollectionOperation<T>
Represents the Clear() operation.
Public classClearDictionaryOperation<TKey, TValue>
Represents the AdvisableDictionary<TKey, TValue> operation.
Public classClearSetOperation<T>
Represents the Clear() operation.
Public classCollectionOperation<T>
Base class for operations on an AdvisableCollection<T>.
Public classCompositeOperation
Represents an Operation composed of other sub-operations.
Public classDetachObjectFromRecorderOperation
Encapsulates the Detach(Object) operation.
Public classDictionaryOperation<TKey, TValue>
Base class for operations on an AdvisableDictionary<TKey, TValue>.
Public classFieldOperation<T>
Encapsulates a modification of a field value.
Public classMethodExecutionOperationDescriptor
Represents a call to a method in user code.
Public classMoveCollectionItemOperation<T>
Represents a Move(Int32, Int32) operation.
Public classNamedOperationDescriptor
Represents an operation whose named has been set declaratively or imperatively.
Public classRecorderOperation
Public classRemoveCollectionItemOperation<T>
Represents a Remove(T) operation.
Public classRemoveCollectionRangeOperation<T>
Represents a RemoveRange(Int32, Int32) operation.
Public classRemoveDictionaryItemOperation<TKey, TValue>
Represents a Remove(TKey) operation.
Public classRemoveSetItemOperation<T>
Represents a Remove(T) operation.
Public classSetCollectionItemOperation<T>
Represents the operation of setting an item in an AdvisableCollection<T> .
Public classSetDictionaryItemOperation<TKey, TValue>
Represents the operation of setting a value in an AdvisableDictionary<TKey, TValue>.
Public classSetOperation<T>
Base class for operations on an AdvisableHashSet<T>.
Public interfaceICollectionOperation
Weakly-typed interface for the CollectionOperation<T> class.
Public interfaceIDictionaryOperation
Weakly-typed interface for the DictionaryOperation<TKey, TValue> class.
Public interfaceIFieldOperation
Weakly-typed interface for FieldOperation<T>.
Public interfaceIOperationDescriptor
Encapsulates information that allow implementations of the OperationFormatter class to provide a human-readable description of an Operation.
Public interfaceISetOperation
Weakly-typed interface for the SetOperation<T> class.