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IThreadAware Methods

The IThreadAware type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method OnParentControllerChanged
Notifies the object that the effective controller of it's parent has changed. The new parent controller or null.
Extension Methods
  Name Description
Public Extension Method AcquireAccess(ObjectAccessLevel) Overloaded.
Acquires access to given object and returns the ConcurrentAccessToken.
(Defined by ThreadAwareExtensions.)
Public Extension Method AcquireAccess(ObjectAccessLevel, ConcurrentAccessToken) Overloaded.
Acquires access for a given object and gets the ConcurrentAccessToken as a reference parameter.
(Defined by ThreadAwareExtensions.)
Public Extension Method AcquireAccessAsync
Asynchronously acquires access for a given object.
(Defined by ThreadAwareExtensions.)
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