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PostSharp.Collections Namespace
The PostSharp.Collections namespace contains collection types used by the PostSharp library.
  Class Description
Public class LinkedListExtensions
Extensions to the IReadOnlyLinkedList<T> interface.
  Structure Description
Public structure ReadOnlyLinkedList<T>
A value-type implementation of the IReadOnlyLinkedList<T> interface.
Public structure ReadOnlySinglyLinkedList<T>
Represents a single-listed link.
Public structure ReadOnlySinglyLinkedList<T>.Enumerator
An enumerator allowing to enumerate a ReadOnlySinglyLinkedList<T>.
  Interface Description
Public interface ILinkedListNode<T>
Represents a node in a double-linked list.
Public interface IReadOnlyLinkedList<T>
Represents a double linked list.
Public interface ISinglyLinkedListNode<T>
Represents a node in a singly linked list.