PostSharp4.3//API Reference/Post­Sharp.​Extensibility Namespace
PostSharp.Extensibility Namespace
The PostSharp.Extensibility namespace defines the semantics of the attribute multicasting mechanism and exposes other types that allow user code to interact with the PostSharp,platform.
Public classAssemblyIdAttribute
Assigns a unique identifier to an assembly. This assembly identifier is used to generate unique attribute identifiers.
Public classCompatibilityLevelAttribute
Sets the level of backward compatibility required by aspects in the current assembly.
Public classEnhancedByPostSharpAttributeObsolete.
Custom attribute added to the assembly manifest of modules processed by PostSharp.
Public classEscalatePostSharpMessageAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied on an assembly, means that a given message should be escalated to an error during the current PostSharp session.
Public classFrameworkVariantsObsolete.
Defines constants identifying the different variants of the .NET Framework (Full, Compact, Silverlight).
Public classHasInheritedAttributeAttribute
Internal Only. Custom attribute used internally by PostSharp to mark elements having inherited custom attributes. This custom attribute should not be used in custom code, otherwise PostSharp may not work properly.
Public classImplementationBoundAttributeAttribute
Custom attribute meaning that custom attributes of a given type are bound to the implementation, not to the semantics.
Public classInvalidAnnotationException
Exception thrown at build time by implementation of CompileTimeValidate(Object) when an annotation is invalid.
Public classMessage
Encapsulates a message (error, warning, info, ...).
Public classMessageDispenser
Provides a base implementation of IMessageDispenser where the message key is supposed to be in format PRE0000, where PRE is a prefix and 0000 is an integer. Keys for help URLs have the format PRE0000?.
Public classMessageException
Exception embedding a Message.
Public classMessageSource
Provides commodity methods to work with an IMessageSink.
Public classMetricAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied on an aspect, causes the aspect to increment some metric at build time.
Public classMulticastAttribute
Custom attribute that can be applied to multiple elements using wildcards.
Public classMulticastAttributeUsageAttribute
Custom attribute that determines the usage of a MulticastAttribute.
Public classPostSharpEnvironment
Provides access to the current PostSharp environment (IPostSharpEnvironment).
Public classPostSharpTrace
Provides tracing functionality. An instance of the PostSharpTrace type implements a trace sink.
Public classProjectExtensionElement
Represents a custom element (or section) in the XML project type.
Public classProjectResource
Represents an element of a resource section, i.e. a named object deserialized from XML.
Public classRequirePostSharpAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied on another custom attribute (a class derived from Attribute), means that assemblies with elements annotated with that custom attribute should be processed by PostSharp.
Public classRequireReflectionWrapperAttributeObsolete.
Custom attribute that, when applied on a type, specifies that all build-time semantics of this type require reflection wrappers to be passed instead of real reflection objects.
Public classSuppressAnnotationValidationAttribute
Instructs PostSharp that the validation of IValidableAnnotation is done by another component, and should not be processed by the default component.
Public structureTargetFrameworkFamily
Represents a variant of family (variant) of the .NET Framework, e.g. NetCore, NetFramework, Silverlight or NetPortable.
Public interfaceIMessageDispenser
Gets a text given its key.
Public interfaceIMessageSink
Receives messages.
Public interfaceIPostSharpEnvironment
Provides information about the current PostSharp environment.
Public interfaceIProject
Provides information about the currently executing project.
Public interfaceIReflectionBindingManagerService
Exposes the ResolveAssembly(Type) method, which gets the reference identity of the assembly declaring a given type.
Public interfaceIService
A service exposed by the build-time part of PostSharp.
Public interfaceIServiceLocator
Exposes build-time services.
Public interfaceIStateStore
A context that provides storage for arbitrary items.
Public interfaceITargetFramework
Represents a version and variant of the .NET framework (running on a device) on which the project being built is design to run.
Public interfaceIValidableAnnotation
Interface that, when implemented by a custom attribute (Attribute), causes PostSharp to invoke a validation method for every instance of that custom attribute.
Public interfaceIWeavingSymbolsService
Service that allows build-time code to push annotations (both programmatic and user-visible) to PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio.
Public enumerationAssemblyLoadContext
Enumeration of contexts in which assemblies can be loaded.
Public enumerationCompatibilityLevel
Enumeration of standard levels of backward compatibility.
Public enumerationMulticastAttributes
Attributes of elements to which multicast custom attributes (MulticastAttribute) apply.
Public enumerationMulticastInheritance
Kind of inheritance of MulticastAttribute.
Public enumerationMulticastTargets
Kinds of targets to which multicast custom attributes (MulticastAttribute) can apply.
Public enumerationSeverityType
Types of message severities.