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IMethodCallExpression Properties

The IMethodCallExpression type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Arguments
Gets the method arguments.
Public property ConstrainedType
Gets the type to which the virtual method call is constrained to (see Constrained).
Public property Instance
Gets the instance on which the method is called, or null if the method is static.
Public property IsTail
Determines whether the call is a tail call (see Tailcall).
Public property IsVirtual
Determines whether the call is a virtual call.
Public property Method
Gets the called method.
Public property ParentElement
Gets the parent element in the tree.
(Inherited from ISyntaxElement.)
Public property ParentMethodBody
Gets the parent method body.
(Inherited from ISyntaxElement.)
Public property ReturnType
Gets the type of the return value of the current expression, or Void if the expression does not return anything (i.e. for pure instructions, for instance a goto or throw instruction).
(Inherited from IExpression.)
Public property SyntaxElementKind
Gets the kind of syntax element.
(Inherited from ISyntaxElement.)
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