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IAssemblyName Interface
Defines the semantics of an assembly name.

Namespace: PostSharp.Reflection
Assembly: PostSharp (in PostSharp.dll) Version: (
public interface IAssemblyName

The IAssemblyName type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCulture
Gets the assembly culture name.
Public propertyIsMscorlib
Determines whether the current assembly (or assembly reference) is mscorlib.
Public propertyIsRetargetable
Determines whether the reference is retargetable by the CLR, i.e. can be accommodated by an assembly whose identity does not match the current assembly reference.
Public propertyIsStronglyNamed
Determines whether the current assembly (or assembly reference) contains a strong name signature.
Public propertyName
Gets the assembly friendly name.
Public propertyProcessorArchitecture
Gets the processor architecture that the current assembly targets.
Public propertyVersion
Gets the assembly version.
Public methodGetPublicKey
Gets the assembly public key.
Public methodGetPublicKeyToken
Gets the assembly public key token.
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