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PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.RecordBuilders Namespace

Public classLogRecordBuilder
Builds log record (typically, but not necessarily a string) for an action. You can think of the LogRecordBuilder as a semantic StringBuilder. PostSharp emits code that invoke methods such as SetParameter<T>(Int32, String, ParameterDirection, String, T, IFormatter<T>) or SetReturnValue<T>(Int32, String, String, T, IFormatter<T>), and the responsibility of the LogRecordBuilder is to format a record and emit it to the back-end.
Public classTextLogRecordBuilder
An implementation of LogRecordBuilder that builds text-based log records. This class is the base class for most back-ends.
Public enumerationParameterDirection
Enumerates the directions of method parameters, i.e. In, Out and Ref.
Public enumerationSemanticParameterKind
Enumerates the kinds of semantic parameters passed to the AppendSemanticParameter(SemanticParameterKind, String, String, String, Int32) method. The enumeration is a bit mask. Values can be combined with the | operator.