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TextLogRecordBuilder Properties

The TextLogRecordBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBackend
Gets the parent back-end.
Public propertyBackendOptions
Shortcut for this.Backend.Options.
Protected propertyContext
Gets the LoggingContext to which the record belongs.
(Inherited from LogRecordBuilder.)
Public propertyException
Gets the Exception for the current record, or null if no exception is associated to the current record.
Protected propertyLevel
Gets the LogLevel for the current record.
Public propertyMemberName
Gets the name of the method, property or field for the current record.
Protected propertyOptions
Gets the LoggingOptions for the current record.
Protected propertyProfile
Gets the LoggingProfile for the current record.
Protected propertyRecordKind
Gets the kind of the current record (e.g. MethodEntry or MethodException).
(Inherited from LogRecordBuilder.)
Public propertySourceLineInfo
Gets the SourceLineInfo for the current record.
Public propertySourceType
Gets the source Type of the current record.
Protected propertyStringBuilder
Gets the current UnsafeStringBuilder where everything is being appended.
Protected propertyThreadContext
Gets the ThreadLoggingContext to which the current LogRecordBuilder belongs.
(Inherited from LogRecordBuilder.)
Protected propertyTypeSource
Gets the LoggingTypeSource for the current record.
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