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PostSharp.Patterns.Caching.Implementation Namespace

This namespace contains types that are useful when implementing an adapter for a caching back-end, but not when consuming the caching API.
Public classCacheDependencyInvalidatedEventArgs
Arguments of the DependencyInvalidated event.
Public classCachedMethodInfo
Encapsulates information about a method being cached.
Public classCachedParameterInfo
Encapsulates information about a parameter of a method being cached. Exposed by the CachedMethodInfo class.
Public classCacheInvalidator
Base class for a kind of CachingBackendEnhancer that allows several instances of the same application to use a local cache, and synchronize themselves by sending invalidation messages over a publish/subscribe channel.
Public classCacheInvalidatorOptions
Options for the CacheInvalidator class.
Public classCacheItem
Represents an item being added to the cache.
Public classCacheItemConfiguration
Configuration of a CacheItem.
Public classCacheItemRemovedEventArgs
Arguments of the ItemRemoved event.
Public classCacheKeyBuilder
Builds cache item keys and dependency keys.
Public classCacheValue
Return value of the GetItem(String, Boolean) method, i.e. represents an item retrieved from the cache (items being stored in the cache are represented by the CacheItem class).
Public classCachingBackend
An abstraction of the physical implementation of the cache, where the CacheAttribute ends up writing to and reading from.
Public classCachingBackendEnhancer
A base class for all cache enhancers. A CachingBackendEnhancer is a node in a chain of responsibility where the last node is the physical implementation of the CachingBackend. A CachingBackendEnhancer can add behaviors to a CachingBackend.
Public classCachingBackendEnhancerFeatures
An abstract implementation of CachingBackendEnhancerFeatures for use in implementations of CachingBackendEnhancer, where the default behavior is to return the features of the underlying CachingBackend.
Public classCachingBackendFeatures
List of features that can be implemented or not by a CachingBackend.
Public interfaceICacheItemConfiguration
Configuration of a cached method. This interface is implemented by several classes that allow to configure cached method.
Public enumerationCacheItemPriority
Enumerates the priorities of a CacheItem.
Public enumerationCacheItemRemovedReason
Enumerates the reasons why an item can be removed from the cache.
Public enumerationCachingBackendStatus
Statuses of a CachingBackend.