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PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.Contexts Namespace

This namespace implements different kinds of logging contexts.
Public classAsyncCustomActivityLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents an asynchronous custom activity, i.e. an activity opened using OpenAsyncActivity(String).
Public classAsyncLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that can represent an async method execution or an async custom activity.
Public classAsyncMethodLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents an asynchronous method.
Public classEphemeralLoggingContext
A degenerated kind of LoggingContext that is used to emit standalone records.
Public classIteratorLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents an iterator.
Public classLoggingContext
Represents an execution context, typically a method or a user activity.
Public classLoggingExecutionContextData
Represents data associated with a logging context but that should be passed via execution context rather than the thread context. Sort-of immutable. Stored in an AsyncLocal in a kind of a "stack" maintained by the Parent parent property. Previously known as ContextLocalData.
Public classSuspendableLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents a method or activity that can be suspended and resume (possibly on a different thread), such as an async method or an iterator.
Public classSyncCustomActivityLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents a synchronous custom activity, opened by the OpenActivity(String) method.
Public classSyncLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents a synchronous context (i.e. a context that executes as a single block, without being suspended).
Public classSyncMethodLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents a synchronous method (not an async method, not an iterator).
Public classThreadLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents the current thread. The ThreadLoggingContext has two usages. First, it is used to store all thread-local variables and objects. Then, it is used as the root object for all other contexts.
Public structureCallerInfo
Represents information about the caller of the Logger class.
Public structureCorrelationCookie
Represents a correlation between two LoggingContext. This type is created by the CreateCorrelationCookie() method.
Public structureCustomLogRecordInfo
Stores information regarding a custom record, i.e. a record emitted by the Logger class.
Public structureLogMemberInfo
Stores information regarding the method, field or property being logged.
Public structureLogRecordInfo
Contains information about a log record.
Public structureSourceLineInfo
Represents a position in a file of source code.
Public interfaceICustomActivityLoggingContext
An ILoggingContext that represents a custom activity (LogActivity).
Public interfaceIHierarchicalContextIdInfo
Exposes information necessary to generate the synthetic context identifier when the ContextIdGenerationStrategy is set to Hierarchical. Used by SyntheticIdFormatter.
Public interfaceILoggingContext
Defines the minimal semantics of a logging context required by the Logger class.
Public delegateLoggingPropertyVisitor<T>
Public enumerationCallerAttributes
Possible values of the Attributes property.
Public enumerationLoggingContextKind
Kinds of logging contexts.