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PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.Formatters Namespace

This namespace contains the implementation of formatters used in the context of logging.
Public classCollectionFormatter<TKind, T>
Formatter for any type that implements IEnumerable<T>.
Public classDefaultSyntheticIdFormatter
An implementation of SyntheticIdFormatter that is compatible with the Hierarchical Request-Id specification. Ids generated by this class are hierarchical and can be alphabetically sorted while respecting the natural time order.
Public classHiddenFormatter<T>
Formatters that always writes ******* to the output.
Public classLazyFormatter<TKind, T>
Formatter for Lazy<T>.
Public classLoggingFormattingRole
The FormattingRole for the Logging component.
Public classOutFormatter<T>
Always writes <out> to the output. Used to render the input value of out parameters.
Public classQueryableFormatter
Formatter for any type that implements IQueryable.
Public classSyntheticIdFormatter
An abstract class whose implementations generate the value of the SyntheticId property.
Public structureRefStructSurrogate
Struct that is passed to SetParameter<T>(Int32, String, ParameterKind, String, T) when the parameter is of a ref struct type. This struct wraps the return value of the ToString() method of the ref struct.
Public interfaceIOverrideFormatter
Marker interface that indicates that this is a special Formatter<T> that should be used even in back-ends which don't normally use formatters.