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PostSharp.Patterns.DynamicAdvising Namespace

This namespace defines the abstractions for dynamically advisable classes, i.e. classes of objects into which behaviors can be injected at run time.
Public classDynamicAdvice
A base implementation of the IDynamicAdvice interface.
Public classDynamicAdviceOrder
Order of dynamic advices.
Public classDynamicAdvisingServices
Provides methods to help with the use of dynamic advices.
Public classDynamicallyAdvisableObject
Base class for objects into which advices can be dynamically injected.
Public structureAdviceEnumerator<T>
An immutable iterators of dynamic advices IDynamicAdvice. The GetNext() method returns a new enumerator instance.
Public interfaceIAction<TResult>
Exposes an Execute() method.
Public interfaceIDynamicAdvice
Represents an advice that can be injected dynamically into a dynamically-advisable object.
Public interfaceIDynamicallyAdvisable
Defines the semantics of an object that accepts dynamic advices.
Public interfaceIDynamicInterfaceImplementation
Interface that must be implemented by objects implementing dynamic interfaces, which can be queried using QueryInterface<T>(). The IDynamicInterfaceImplementation interface provides a mean to get a reference back to the principal object.
Public interfaceIExecuteActionDynamicAdvice
A dynamic advice around the execution of an action.
Public interfaceIQueryInterface
Interface implemented by objects that can implement interface dynamically by composition, without implementing the interface directly at MSIL level. The QueryInterface<T>() method must then be used instead of a normal cast.