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PostSharp.Serialization Namespace

This namespace implements a portable serializer.
Public classActivatorProvider
Provides instances of classes implementing the IActivator interface. You should not use this class in user code.
Public classActivatorSecurityToken
Security token passed to the CreateInstance(Type, ActivatorSecurityToken) method of the IActivator interface.
Public classActivatorTypeAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied to an assembly, points to a type in the assembly implementing IActivator.
Public classImportSerializerAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied to a serializable type, specifies that the serializer of this type has a dependency on another serializer. The custom attribute can be applied at assembly level; it then applies to all serializable types in this assembly.
Public classPNonSerializedAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied to a field of a class annotated with PSerializableAttribute, specifies that this field should not be serialized.
Public classPortableFormatter
A serializer designed to serialize the internal structure of types with support for cyclic object graphs. The PortableFormatter is very similar in function and design to the BinaryFormatter, but is supported on most platforms and does not require full trust. Both formatters have similar usage: SerializableAttribute is replaced by PSerializableAttribute and NonSerializedAttribute by PNonSerializedAttribute.
Public classPortableSerializationBinder
Binds types to names and names to types. Used by the PortableFormatter.
Public classPortableSerializationException
Exception thrown by the PortableFormatter.
Public classPSerializableAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied to a type, causes PostSharp to generate a serializer for use by the PortableFormatter.
Public classReferenceTypeSerializer
Base serializer for all reference types.
Public classSerializationServices
Provides some utility method for the current namespace.
Public classSerializerAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied to a type, specifies its serializer for use by the PortableFormatter.
Public classSerializerFactoryProvider
Provides instances of the ISerializerFactory interface for object types that have been previously registered using AddSerializer(Type, Type).
Public classValueTypeSerializer<T>
Base serializer for all value types.
Public structureDottedString
Encapsulates dotted strings such as namespaces and type names, so their serialization by PortableFormatter can be optimized.
Public interfaceIActivator
Exposes a method CreateInstance(Type, ActivatorSecurityToken), which allows to create an instance of a type using the Activator facility.
Public interfaceIArgumentsReader
Provides read access to the collection of deserialized arguments.
Public interfaceIArgumentsWriter
Provides write access to a collection of arguments that need to be serialized.
Public interfaceISerializationCallback
Interface that can be implemented by serializable classes. It defines methods OnDeserialized() and OnSerializing() called during serialization.
Public interfaceISerializer
Defines the semantics of an object serializer.
Public interfaceISerializerDiscoverer
Exposes a method that allows implementations of the interface to discover serializer types for each type being serialized.
Public interfaceISerializerFactory
Defines a method CreateSerializer(Type), which creates instances of the ISerializer interface for given object types.
Public interfaceISerializerFactoryProvider
Provides instances of the ISerializerFactory interface given the object type.