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EnterpriseLibraryLoggingTypeSource Methods

The EnterpriseLibraryLoggingTypeSource type exposes the following members.

Protected methodClone
Returns a deep clone of the current object.
(Inherited from LoggingTypeSource.)
Public methodGetCategories
Returns a list of strings composed that are used to populate the Categories property, unless the GetCategories function has been overwritten. The default behavior of GetCategories() is to return the current role, the full name of the current type, and the full name of all parent namespaces.
Protected methodIsBackendEnabled
Checks whether logging is enabled in the back-end for the given level.
(Overrides LoggingTypeSource.IsBackendEnabled(LogLevel).)
Public methodIsEnabled
Determines whether logging is enabled for the given LogLevel.
(Inherited from LoggingTypeSource.)
Public methodRefresh
Refreshes the logging level from the back-end from the current node and all children nodes. The back-end-defined logging level is cached for performance reasons.
(Inherited from LoggingTypeSource.)
Public methodSetLevel
Sets the minimal LogLevel for which logging is enabled for the current namespace and type and all children namespaces and types.
(Inherited from LoggingNamespaceSource.)
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