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PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.Contexts Namespace

This namespace implements different kinds of logging contexts.
Public classAsyncCustomActivityLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents an asynchronous custom activity, i.e. an activity opened using OpenAsyncActivity(String).
Public classAsyncLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that can represent an async method execution or an async custom activity.
Public classAsyncMethodLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents an asynchronous method.
Public classEphemeralLoggingContext
A degenerated kind of LoggingContext that is used to emit standalone records.
Public classIteratorLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents an iterator.
Public classLoggingContext
Represents an execution context, typically a method or a user activity.
Public classSuspendableLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents a method or activity that can be suspended and resume (possibly on a different thread), such as an async method or an iterator.
Public classSyncCustomActivityLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents a synchronous custom activity, opened by the OpenActivity(String) method.
Public classSyncLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents a synchronous context (i.e. a context that executes as a single block, without being suspended).
Public classSyncMethodLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents a synchronous method (not an async method, not an iterator).
Public classThreadLoggingContext
A LoggingContext that represents the current thread. The ThreadLoggingContext has two usages. First, it is used to store all thread-local variables and objects. Then, it is used as the root object for all other contexts.
Public structureCallerInfo
Represents information about the caller of the Logger class.
Public structureCorrelationCookie
Represents a correlation between two LoggingContext. This type is created by the CreateCorrelationCookie() method.
Public structureCustomLogRecordInfo
Stores information regarding a custom record, i.e. a record emitted by the Logger class.
Public structureLogMemberInfo
Stores information regarding the method, field or property being logged.
Public structureLogRecordInfo
Contains information about a log record.
Public structureSourceLineInfo
Represents a position in a file of source code.
Public interfaceICustomActivityLoggingContext
An ILoggingContext that represents a custom activity (LogActivity).
Public interfaceILoggingContext
Defines the minimal semantics of a logging context required by the Logger class.
Public delegateLoggingPropertyVisitor<T>
Public enumerationCallerAttributes
Possible values of the Attributes property.
Public enumerationLoggingContextKind
Kinds of logging contexts.