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PostSharp.Patterns.Formatters Namespace

This namespace contains the implementation of formatters for values of different types.
Public classBooleanFormatter
A formatter for Boolean values.
Public classByteFormatter
A formatter for Byte values.
Public classCharFormatter
A formatter for Char values.
Public classDefaultFormatter<TRole, TValue>
The default formatter that formats objects by calling ToString().
Public classEnumFormatter
Efficient formatter for enums.
Public classEnumFormatter<T>
Efficient formatter for enums.
Public classFormatter<T>
Base implementation of the IFormatter<T> interface.
Public classFormatterRepository<TRole>
Allows to get and register formatters for a specific type.
Public classFormattingRole
Base for kind marker types for FormatterRepository<TRole>.
Public classInt16Formatter
Efficient formatter for Int16.
Public classInt32Formatter
Efficient formatter for Int32.
Public classInt64Formatter
Efficient formatter for Int64.
Public classMethodFormatter
A formatter for MethodBase values.
Public classSByteFormatter
Efficient formatter for SByte.
Public classStringFormatter
A formatter for String values.
Public classTypeFormatter
A Formatter<T> for Type values.
Public classUInt16Formatter
A formatter for UInt16 values.
Public classUInt32Formatter
A formatter for UInt32 values.
Public classUInt64Formatter
A formatter for UInt64 values.
Public classUnsafeString
A generalized representation of a string that can be either backed by a system String, a char[], or an UnsafeStringBuilder. Conversions between these types happen transparently and are cached.
Public classUnsafeStringBuilder
A class similar to StringBuilder, but implemented using unsafe C#.
Public classUnsafeStringBuilderPool
A thread-safe pool of UnsafeStringBuilder.
Public structureCharSpan
Represents a span of Char by encapsuling a substring or a range of a Char array.
Public interfaceIFormattable
Exposes a Format(UnsafeStringBuilder, FormattingRole) method, which allows an object to format itself into an UnsafeStringBuilder. Logging and caching components rely on the IFormattable interface.
Public interfaceIFormatter
Appends the description of an object into an UnsafeStringBuilder. Weakly-typed variant of IFormatter<T>.
Public interfaceIFormatter<T>
Appends the description of an object into an UnsafeStringBuilder. Strongly-typed variant of IFormatter.
Public enumerationFormatterAttributes
Attributes of an IFormatter.