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PostSharp.Reflection Namespace

This namespace extends System.Reflection with new types to reflect the code model.
Public classCustomAttributeInstance
Instance of a custom attribute on a target declaration.
Public classCustomReflectionBinder
Custom implementation of a reflection Binder that select methods based on exact matches using the ReflectionTypeComparer.
Public classLocationInfo
Represents a FieldInfo, PropertyInfo or ParameterInfo, which all have the semantics of a location (get value, set value).
Public classMemberTypeCodeReference
Represents a relationship between a type and a member of this type. A member can be a FieldInfo, PropertyInfo, or ParameterInfo.
Public classMethodUsageCodeReference
Represents a relationship between a declaration (Type, FieldInfo, MethodInfo or ConstructorInfo) and a method whose instructions (method body) use the declaration.
Public classObjectConstruction
Specifies how an object should be constructed, i.e. specifies the constructor to be used, the arguments to be passed to this constructor, and the fields or properties to be set.
Public classParameterKindExtensions
Extensions for the ParameterKind class.
Public classReflectionExtensions
Provides utility methods to work with the System.Reflection namespace.
Public classReflectionHelper
Provides helper methods for work with System.Reflection.
Public classReflectionSearch
Set of static methods providing broader access to assembly metadata than the System.Reflection namespace. These methods are only available at build time.
Public classReflectionTypeComparer
Comparer of reflection types (Type) based on content, not reference.
Public classSymbolSequencePoint
Maps a point in IL instructions to location in source code.
Public classTypeInheritanceCodeReference
Represents a inheritance relationship between two types.
Public structureDeclarationIdentifier
Encapsulates a unique identifier of a declaration. The identifier does not contain the kind of declaration. Different declarations of different kinds can have the same identifier.
Public structureSemanticInfo
Provides information about the semantic of a declaration in the source programming language. For instance an MSIL method can be in C# a property getter, an operator, an anonymous method, and so on.
Public interfaceIAssemblyName
Defines the semantics of an assembly name.
Public interfaceICodeReference
Represents a reference between two declarations.
Public interfaceIMetadataDispenser
Semantics of service that deserializes metadata objects (i.e. reflection objects) that have been serialized by IMetadataEmitter.
Public interfaceIMetadataEmitter
Semantics of a service that allows build-time code to serialize references to metadata objects (i.e. reflection objects) in a way that is compatible with obfuscators. References are deserialized at run-time using IMetadataDispenser.
Public interfaceISourceDocument
Represents a file of source code.
Public enumerationAssemblyProcessorArchitecture
Processor architectures of an assembly.
Public enumerationCodeReferenceKind
Kinds of code references (ICodeReference).
Public enumerationLocationKind
Enumerates the kinds of code elements that can be encapsulated by a LocationInfo.
Public enumerationMethodUsageInstructions
Instructions whose operands can reference a declaration.
Public enumerationParameterKind
Enumerates all possible kinds of method parameters. The parameter kind indicates whether the parameter is by ref or by value and its direction.
Public enumerationReflectionSearchOptions
Public enumerationSemantics
Enumerates the possible semantics of a declaration in the source programming language. For instance an MSIL method can be in C# a property getter, an operator, an anonymous method, and so on.
Public enumerationStateMachineKind
Enumeration of kinds of state machines.
Public enumerationVisibility
Visibility of types and type members.