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Packages and Components

Caravela is composed of half a dozen of NuGet packages. It may sound a lot, but some are used only for testing and will never make it to your public packages.

Package list

Package Name Scenarios Description
Caravela.Framework.Redist Run-time Required to execute code built with Caravela, but does not contain or reference the assets to build with Caravela
Caravela.Framework Compile-time The typical top-level package for a project that uses Caravela aspects. See Adding Caravela to Your Project.
Caravela.Compiler Compile-time Replaces Microsoft's C# compiler by Caravela's own fork.
Caravela.TestFramework Test The top-level package for test projects. References Caravela.Framework but inhibits most of its behaviors. See Compile-Time Testing.
Caravela.Framework.Impl Test An opaque implementation assembly required by the test framework.
Caravela.Framework.Contracts.DesignTime Test An opaque implementation assembly required by the test framework..

Package diagram

graph TD Caravela.Framework -- references --> Caravela.Framework.Redist Caravela.Framework -- references--> Caravela.Compiler Caravela.Framework -- contains --> analyzers((analyzers)) Caravela.TestFramework -- inhibits --> Caravela.Framework Caravela.TestFramework -- references--> Caravela.Framework.Impl Caravela.TestFramework -- references--> xUnit Caravela.Framework.Impl -- references--> Caravela.Framework.Contracts.DesignTime Caravela.Compiler -- contains --> compiler((full compiler)) classDef testing fill:orange; class Caravela.TestFramework testing; class Caravela.Framework.Impl testing; class Caravela.Framework.Contracts.DesignTime testing; classDef compileTime fill:yellow; class Caravela.Framework compileTime; class Caravela.Compiler compileTime; classDef runTime fill:lightgreen; class Caravela.Framework.Redist runTime; subgraph Legend t[For testing] class t testing c[Compile-time] class c compileTime r[Run-time] class r runTime end

Visual Studio extension

Additionally to the NuGet packages, Caravela has a Visual Studio extension to help you write new aspects This extension is optional but is recommended, at least in the beginning when you are learning the meta template language.