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Accessing Configuration from Source Code

Even if most configuration settings are consumed by PostSharp or its add-in, it is sometimes useful to access configuration elements from user code. The PostSharp.dll library gives access to both configuration properties and extension configuration elements.

This topic contains the following sections:

Accessing properties

You can read the value of any PostSharp property by including it in an XPath expression and evaluating it using the EvaluateExpression(String) method of PostSharpEnvironment.CurrentProject:

string value = PostSharpEnvironment.CurrentProject.EvaluateExpression("{$PropertyName}")

For details regarding expressions, see Using Expressions in Configuration Files.

Accessing custom sections

You can get a list of custom sections of a given name and namespace by calling the GetExtensionElements(String, String) method of PostSharpEnvironment.CurrentProject:

IEnumerable<ProjectExtensionElement> elements = 
     PostSharpEnvironment.CurrentProject.GetExtensionElements( "MyElement", "uri:MyNamespace" );

Extension elements must be declared using the SectionType element.

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