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StandardRoles Fields

The StandardRoles type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberCaching
Public fieldStatic memberDataBinding
Data binding (for instance implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged).
Public fieldStatic memberEventBroker
Event broker (a system role used internally by PostSharp to realize the OnInvokeHandler(EventInterceptionArgs) handler).
Public fieldStatic memberExceptionHandling
Exception handling.
Public fieldStatic memberPerformanceInstrumentation
Performance instrumentation (for instance performance counters).
Public fieldStatic memberPersistence
Object persistence (for instance Object-Relational Mapper).
Public fieldStatic memberSecurity
Security enforcing (typically authorization).
Public fieldStatic memberThreading
Threading (locking).
Public fieldStatic memberTracing
Tracing and logging.
Public fieldStatic memberTransactionHandling
Transaction handling.
Public fieldStatic memberValidation
Validation of field, property, or parameter value.
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