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PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.Adapters.AspNetCore Namespace



Instruments the ASP.NET Core stack to define new logging activity (and possibly transactions) for incoming HTTP requests. This is implementation is based on DiagnosticListener and will capture all incoming requests.


Exposes an ASP.NET Core request to the transaction policy expressions (see OpenTransactionExpressionModel.Request and CloseTransactionExpressionModel.Request). The type attribute of the policy element must be set to AspNetCoreRequest to match requests of this class.


The default implementation of LogEventMetadata and incoming ASP.NET Core requests. Exposes an AspNetCoreRequestExpressionModel to the policy configuration file.


A base implementation of LogEventMetadata for ASP.NET Core incoming HTTP requests. You can derive from this class if you want to expose your own expression model. The default implementation is the non-generic AspNetCoreRequestMetadata, which exposes AspNetCoreRequestExpressionModel.