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What's New in PostSharp 6.8

Support for .NET 5 and C# 9

We've completed the work on .NET 5 that we've already started in PostSharp 6.7. Additionally, we have tested PostSharp with C# 9 and performed a few corrections to support the new features like function pointers.


PostSharp 6.8 includes several improvements in logging:

  • Configuration of verbosity using a configuration file, which you can also store in a cloud storage service like Google Drive, and update without redeploying or restarting your app. For details, see Adjusting Logging Verbosity.

  • Per-transaction (or per-request) configuration of verbosity: you can for instance log only requests coming from a specific IP, or a random 10% of all requests, of one request per minute for the /invoices API. This is also described in Adjusting Logging Verbosity. To see how to use this facility with custom transactions, see Defining Your Own Logging Transactions.

  • Automatic instrumentation of ASP.NET Core and HttpClient, including support for per-request logging and distributed logging.

  • The mechanism to pass properties to custom activities or messages has been refactor. It is now both faster and more usable than before in most use cases. For details, see Adding Properties to Messages and Activities.

  • We have removed the back-ends for Enterprise Library and Gibraltar Loupe, and made the audit component obsolete.

Usage measurement for Per-Usage

It is now possible to know exactly how many lines of code you would be consuming with a Per-Usage Subscription even if you don't have one yet. Documentation of this feature is no longer available as per-usage licenses are no longer offered.