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ITypeSetVerifier<T> Interface

Exposes, as extension methods, the fluent API for architecture validation from fabrics. Standard extension methods are exposed by the VerifierExtensions class. To extend the fluent API, expose extension methods of this object. This interface is an IVerifier<T> for declarations that contain types, i.e. ICompilation, INamespace or INamedType. The types in the set can be accessed with the Types(ITypeSetVerifier<IDeclaration>) extension method.

Namespace: Metalama.Extensions.Architecture.Fabrics
Assembly: Metalama.Extensions.Architecture.dll
public interface ITypeSetVerifier<out T> : IVerifier<T> where T : class, IDeclaration
Type Parameters
Name Description


Name Description

Gets an IAspectReceiver<TDeclaration> that selects all types in the current scope.


Name Description
SelectTypesDerivedFrom(Type, DerivedTypesOptions)

Selects the types in the current set that are derived from a given type.