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Making aspects configurable

Complex and widely-used aspects often require a centralized, project-wide method for configuring their compile-time behavior. Implementing a configuration for aspects provides the following benefits:

  • Centralized aspect options: A configuration API allows the entire project, namespaces, or class families to be configured from a single location. Without a configuration API, users must supply the configuration each time a custom attribute is used.

  • Run-time performance: Considering compile-time options, your aspect can generate optimal run-time code, resulting in higher run-time performance of your application.

There are two complementary mechanisms for configuration: the configuration API and MSBuild properties.


Compile-time configuration has significantly changed with Metalama 2023.4. If you are looking for the previous configuration API, see Exposing configuration (before v2023.4)

In this chapter

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Exposing a configuration API This article explains how to build a programmatic configuration API that can be called from fabrics.
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Customizing the change merging process This article explains in detail the options merging process, and how to customize it.