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Metalama 2023.1

Metalama 2023.2 focuses on bugfixes and minor enhancements.

Platform updates

  • Visual Studio 17.6
  • Roslyn 4.6
  • .NET SDK 7.0.300.


  • Added support for Visual Studio 17.6, Roslyn 4.6, and .NET SDK 7.0.300.
  • The IAdviceFactory.ImplementInterface method now exposes the created members under the InterfaceMembers property.
  • Introducing the new extension method IType.ToTypeOfExpression, which returns an IExpression.
  • Contracts now support IEnumerable.
  • Ability to make an introduced field readonly.
  • Improved error reporting for aspect members with more than one advice/template attribute.
  • Enhanced error message when referencing a non-existing type in compile-time code.
  • In templates, foreach loops are now allowed in run-time-conditional blocks.
  • Better error reporting when the [Template] attribute is used on accessors.