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IContextLocalLogger Methods

The IContextLocalLogger type exposes the following members.

Public methodGetRecordBuilder
Gets a record builder.
Public methodIsEnabled
Determines whether logging is enabled for a given LogLevel.
Public methodOnInternalException
Method invoked when an exception is thrown in logging code.
(Inherited from ILoggerExceptionHandler.)
Public methodOnInvalidUserCode
Method invoked when the user code calling Logger or LogActivity is invalid, e.g. when the formatting string is incorrect or does not match the arguments.
(Inherited from ILoggerExceptionHandler.)
Public methodOpenActivity
Opens a new context for a custom activity.
Public methodResumeActivity
Resumes an asynchronous activity suspended by the SuspendActivity(ILoggingContext, CallerInfo) method.
Public methodSetWaitDependency
Sets the wait dependency for a given context, i.e. give information about what the given context is waiting (or awaiting) for.
Public methodSuspendActivity
Suspends an asynchronous activity, which can then be resumed by the ResumeActivity(ILoggingContext, CallerInfo) method.
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