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Recorder Methods

The Recorder type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddOperation
Adds a new Operation to UndoOperations collection of the current Recorder.
Public methodAddRestorePoint
Adds new restore point with given name.
Public methodAttach
Attaches a recordable object (including its descendant objects) to the current Recorder so that changes in this objects start being recorded into the current Recorder.
Public methodClear
Clears undo and redo lists.
Public methodDetach
Detaches a recordable object from the current Recorder, so that changes in this objects stop being recorded into the current Recorder.
Public methodOpenScope(RecordingScopeOption)
Opens an unnamed RecordingScope.
Public methodOpenScope(String, RecordingScopeOption)
Opens a RecordingScope with a given name.
Public methodRedo
Redo last operation.
Public methodRedoTo
redo all operation to specific operation.
Public methodUndo
Undo last operation.
Public methodUndoTo
Undo all operations to specific Operation or RestorePoint.
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