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ReflectionHelper Methods

The ReflectionHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberAreInternalsVisibleTo
Determines whether the InternalsVisibleToAttribute attribute relationship exists between two assemblies.
Public methodStatic memberAreInternalsVisibleToCurrentProject
Determines whether the internals of a given assembly are visible to the current project.
Public methodStatic memberGetAssemblyQualifiedTypeName
Gets a properly-escaped assembly-qualified type name from its components.
Public methodStatic memberGetEvent
Public methodStatic memberGetLocation
Public methodStatic memberGetProperty(Type, MethodInfo, MethodInfo)
Public methodStatic memberGetProperty(Type, MethodInfo, MethodInfo, Boolean)
Public methodStatic memberGetSemanticInfo(MemberInfo)
Gets the SemanticInfo for a given member.
Public methodStatic memberGetSemanticInfo(Type)
Gets the SemanticInfo for a given type.
Public methodStatic memberIsAvailableInTargetFramework(MemberInfo)
Determines whether a given MemberInfo is available in the target framework of the current project.
Public methodStatic memberIsAvailableInTargetFramework(Type)
Determines whether a given Type is available in the target framework of the current project.
Public methodStatic memberIsCompilerGenerated(MemberInfo)
Determines whether a MemberInfo is compiler-generated.
Public methodStatic memberIsCompilerGenerated(Type)
Determines whether a Type is compiler-generated.
Public methodStatic memberParseAssemblyQualifiedTypeName
Parses an escaped assembly-qualified type name into its components.
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