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PostSharp.Aspects.Serialization Namespace

This namespace contains types taking care of the process of serializing aspects at build time and deserializing them at run time.
Public classAspectSerializer
Base class for all aspect serializers, whose role is to serialize aspect instances at compile-time and deserialize them at runtime.
Public classBinaryAspectSerializationBinder
Implementation of SerializationBinder used at runtime when aspect instances are deserialized. By overriding the default binder, you can resolve assembly names differently. This can be useful if assemblies have been renamed or merged between PostSharp run and execution
Public classBinaryAspectSerializer
Implementation of AspectSerializer based on the BinaryFormatter provided by the full version of the .NET Framework.
Public classMsilAspectSerializer
When used as a value of AspectConfigurationAttribute.SerializerType property, specifies that the aspect should not be serialized but should instead be constructed at runtime using MSIL instructions.
Public classPortableAspectSerializer
Implementation of AspectSerializer based on the PortableFormatter, for use on any supported .NET platform.
Public interfaceIMetadataAwareSurrogateSelector
A SurrogateSelector that receives an IMetadataEmitter before serialization.