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PostSharp.Patterns.Caching Namespace

This namespace contains an API to cache method return values as a result of their arguments.
Public classCacheAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied on a method, causes the return value of the method to be cached for the specific list of arguments passed to this method call.
Public classCacheConfigurationAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied on a type, configures the CacheAttribute aspects applied to the methods of this type or its derived types. When applied to an assembly, the CacheConfigurationAttribute custom attribute configures all methods of the current assembly.
Public classCachingException
Exception thrown by PostSharp.Patterns.Caching.
Public classCachingProfile
Allows for centralized and run-time configuration of several instances of the CacheAttribute aspect.
Public classCachingServices
The entry point to configure PostSharp.Patterns.Caching at run-time.
Public classCachingServices.CachingProfileRegistry
Allows to configure caching profiles (CachingProfile), and therefore influence the behavior of the CacheAttribute aspect at run-time. Exposed on the Profiles property.
Public classCachingServices.Formatters
Allows to get and register formatters used to generate caching keys.
Public classCachingServices.Invalidation
Invalidates the cache.
Public classInvalidateCacheAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied on a method, causes an invocation of this method to remove from the cache the result of invocations of other given methods with the same parameter values.
Public classInvalidCacheItemException
Exception thrown by a caching back-end during cache item retrieval (e.g. when the cached data cannot be serialized by the current object model). Throwing this exception causes removal of the invalid item.
Public classNotCacheKeyAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied to a parameter of a cached method (i.e. a method enhanced by the CacheAttribute aspect), excludes this parameter from being a part of the cache key.
Public interfaceICachingContext
Represents the context in which a method being cached is executing.
Public enumerationCachingContextKind
Enumerates the kinds of ICachingContext.