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PostSharp.Patterns.Caching.Locking Namespace

This namespaces implements the feature that can prevent concurrent execution of a cached method.
Public classLocalLockManager
An implementation of ILockManager in which every instance of the LocalLockManager has its own set of named locks that are not shared in any way with other instances. The LocalLockManager can be used to synchronize the execution of methods in the current process and AppDomain.
Public classNullLockManager
An implementation of ILockManager which does not acquire any lock.
Public interfaceIAcquireLockTimeoutStrategy
Represents the behavior when the caching aspect cannot acquire a lock because of a timeout.
Public interfaceILockHandle
Allows to acquire and release a named lock returned by GetLock(String).
Public interfaceILockManager
Provides instances of named locks.