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PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.Backends.Console Namespace

This namespace contains the implementation of the system console logging back-end.
Public classConsoleLoggingBackend
Logging back-end that logs to Out.
Public classConsoleLoggingBackendOptions
Options the for ConsoleLoggingBackend class.
Public classConsoleLoggingTypeSource
Public classConsoleLogRecordBuilder
Public classConsoleTheme
A simple implementation of a color theme that allows only for two colors per LogLevel.
Public classConsoleThemes
A collection of color themes for use with the ConsoleLoggingBackend.
Public classConsoleThemeStyle
Represents a style in a console theme.
Public classLogLevelArray<T>
A high-performance map of LogLevel to something else.
Public interfaceIConsoleTheme
Exposes the semantics of a console color theme. A simple implementation is provided by the ConsoleTheme class, and ready-made themes are exposed on the ConsoleThemes class.
Public enumerationConsoleThemeItem
Enumeration of item kinds that can be themed.