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PostSharp.Patterns.Recording Namespace

This namespace implements the undo/redo feature.
Public classEditableObjectAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied to a class, implements IEditableObject into this class.
Public classNotRecordedAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied to field or property, specifies that it should not be affected by the RecordableAttribute aspect. Therefore, changes to this field or property will not be recorded into a Recorder, and will not be affected by undo/redo operations.
Public classOperation
Base class for all operations. An operation is any change of state that can be appended to a Recorder and be therefore involved in an undo/redo operation.
Public classOperationCollection
Read-only collection of operations (Operation). The class is exposed on the UndoOperations and RedoOperations properties.
Public classOperationFormatter
Base class for all operation formatters, which provide a human-readable description of operations (Operation).
Public classRecordableAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied to a class, instruments fields and methods of this class so that it can be involved in undo/redo operations.
Public classRecorder
Records changed done on an object model and allow to undo and redo them.
Public classRecorderProvider
Abstract class that represents a node in the chain of responsibility, starting at the RecorderProvider property, whose role is to provide a default Recorder to recordable objects.
Public classRecordingScope
Defines the scope a logical operation, that is, a set of change that should be undone or redone as a whole.
Public classRecordingScopeAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied to a method, defines the characteristics of the RecordingScope that corresponds to the target method.
Public classRecordingServices
Provides global methods to work with the PostSharp.Patterns.Recording namespace.
Public classReplayContext
Represents the context of an undo or redo operation. The class gives access to system-defined and user-defined pieces of information.
Public classRestorePoint
Represents a point to which operations can be undone or redone. A RestorePoint is a pseudo-Operation that does not represent any change.
Public interfaceIRecordable
Interface implemented by the RecordableAttribute aspect.
Public interfaceIRecordableCallback
Defines callback methods that are invoked when a recordable object is involved in an undo or redo operation.
Public enumerationMergeStatus
Enumeration of possible return values for the GetMergeStatus(Operation) method.
Public enumerationOperationKind
Enumeration of different kinds of Operation
Public enumerationRecordingScopeOption
Enumerates the kinds of recording scope.
Public enumerationReplayKind
Enumerates the kind of situations in which the OnReplaying(ReplayKind, ReplayContext) or OnReplayed(ReplayKind, ReplayContext) methods are invoked.