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AspectInstance Properties

The AspectInstance type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAspect
Gets the aspect instance.
(Inherited from AspectSpecification.)
Public propertyAspectAssemblyQualifiedTypeName
Gets the assembly-qualified type name of the aspect.
(Inherited from AspectSpecification.)
Public propertyAspectConfiguration
Gets the aspect configuration.
(Inherited from AspectSpecification.)
Public propertyAspectConstruction
Gets the aspect construction.
(Inherited from AspectSpecification.)
Public propertyAspectTypeName
Gets the type name of the aspect.
(Inherited from AspectSpecification.)
Public propertyRepresentAsStandalone
Determines whether the AspectInstance should be represented as a stand-alone instance in PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio. If false, the current AspectInstance will be not be represented as a standalone node, and its advices will be merged with the ones provided by the parent aspect (implementing IAspectProvider). The default value is false.
Public propertyTargetElement
Gets the code element (Assembly, Type, FieldInfo, MethodBase, PropertyInfo, EventInfo, ParameterInfo, or LocationInfo) to which the current AspectInstance is applied.
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