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MethodExecutionArgs Properties

The MethodExecutionArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyArguments
Gets the arguments with which the method has been invoked.
Public propertyDeclarationIdentifier
Gets the DeclarationIdentifier of the declaration to which the advice has been applied.
(Inherited from AdviceArgs.)
Public propertyException
Gets or sets the exception thrown by the target method.
Public propertyFlowBehavior
Determines the control flow of the target method once the advice is exited.
Public propertyInstance
Gets or sets the object instance on which the method is being executed.
(Inherited from AdviceArgs.)
Public propertyMethod
Gets the method being executed.
Public propertyMethodExecutionTag
User-defined state information whose lifetime is linked to the current method execution. Aspects derived from IOnMethodBoundaryAspect should use this property to save state information between different events (OnEntry(MethodExecutionArgs), OnExit(MethodExecutionArgs) and OnException(MethodExecutionArgs)).
Public propertyReturnValue
Gets or sets the method return value.
Public propertyYieldValue
Gets or sets the value yielded by the iterator method.
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