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NonBlockingCachingBackendEnhancer Properties

The NonBlockingCachingBackendEnhancer type exposes the following members.

Public propertyId
Gets the Guid of the current CachingBackend.
(Inherited from CachingBackend.)
Protected propertyLogger
Gets the Logger that implementations can use to emit log records.
(Inherited from CachingBackend.)
Public propertyStatus
Gets the status of the current CachingBackend (Default, Disposing or Disposed).
(Inherited from CachingBackend.)
Public propertySupportedFeatures
Gets the set of features supported by the current CachingBackend.
(Inherited from CachingBackend.)
Public propertyUnderlyingBackend
Gets the next CachingBackend in the chain of responsibility.
(Inherited from CachingBackendEnhancer.)
Public propertyValueAdapters
Gets the factory of value adapters (IValueAdapter), which allow for instance to cache things like Stream or IEnumerable, which could not be otherwise cached.
(Inherited from CachingBackend.)
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