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CachingBackendEnhancerFeatures Properties

The CachingBackendEnhancerFeatures type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBlocking
Determines whether methods that modify the cache content run to completion before the control is given back to the calling method. If false, methods may run in the background, and the calling thread may not have a consistent view of the cache.
(Overrides CachingBackendFeatures.Blocking.)
Public propertyClear
Determines whether the Clear() method is supported.
(Overrides CachingBackendFeatures.Clear.)
Public propertyContainsDependency
Determines whether the ContainsDependency(String) method is supported.
(Overrides CachingBackendFeatures.ContainsDependency.)
Public propertyDependencies
Determines whether dependencies are supported.
(Overrides CachingBackendFeatures.Dependencies.)
Public propertyEvents
Determines whether the ItemRemoved and DependencyInvalidated events are raised.
(Overrides CachingBackendFeatures.Events.)
Protected propertyUnderlyingBackendFeatures
Gets the feature of the underlying CachingBackend.
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