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ILogger2 Properties

The ILogger2 type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActivityOptions
Gets the default verbosity when opening and closing activities.
(Inherited from ILogger.)
Public propertyCurrentContext
Gets the current ILoggingContext.
Public propertyFactory Obsolete.
Gets the ILoggerFactory, which allows to create new instances of the logger. This is used for instance by ForType(Type).
Public propertyRequiresSuspendResume
Determines whether calls of SuspendActivity(ILoggingContext, CallerInfo) and ResumeActivity(ILoggingContext, CallerInfo) is required for asynchronous custom activities in the current context.
(Inherited from ILogger.)
Public propertyRole
Gets the role of records created by this ILogger. A list of standard roles is available in the LoggingRoles class.
(Inherited from ILogger.)
Public propertyType Obsolete.
Gets the source Type for which this ILogger was created.
(Inherited from ILogger.)
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