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LoggingPropertyOptions Properties

The LoggingPropertyOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFormatter
Gets the formatter to be used to render the property value.
Public propertyIsBaggage
Determines whether the property is cross-process. The default value is false. When this property is set to true, IsInherited is automatically set to true.
Public propertyIsIgnored
Determines whether this property must be ignored by the VisitProperties<TVisitorState>(Object, ILoggingPropertyVisitor<TVisitorState>, TVisitorState, LoggingPropertyVisitorOptions) method. This value is typically only returned by GetPropertyOptions(String) to say that a property of the raw CLR object must not be exposed as a logging property.
Public propertyIsInherited
Determines whether the property is inherited from the parent activity to children activities and messages. The default value is true. When this property is set to false, IsBaggage is automatically set to false.
Public propertyIsRendered
Determines whether the property will be included in the log message. The default value is false, then the property is only available as an additional property, if this is supported by the backend.
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