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LoggingProperty Properties

The LoggingProperty type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFormatter
Gets or sets the formatter used to render the Value as a string. By default, the default formatter for the property value type is used.
Public propertyIsBaggage
Determines whether the property is cross-process. The default value is false. When this property is set to true, IsInherited is automatically set to true.
Public propertyIsInherited
Determines whether the property is inherited from the parent activity to children activities and messages. The default value is true. When this property is set to false, IsBaggage is automatically set to false.
Public propertyIsRendered
Determines whether the property will be included in the log message. The default value is false.
Public propertyName
Gets the property name.
Public propertyValue
Gets the property value. The property is never rendered when the value is null. If the LoggingProperty has been initialized with a Func<object>, this property will evaluate the delegate every time the property getter is invoked.
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