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PostSharp.Sdk.Extensibility Namespace

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Public classAnnotationInstance
Represents a AnnotationValue that is applied to one and only one target element.
Public classAnnotationValue
Represents a custom attribute value that is not declared inside a module, i.e. is not a MetadataDeclaration.
Public classAnnotationValueExtensions
Extension methods to the IAnnotationValue interface.
Public classAssemblyProjectProviderAttribute Obsolete.
Custom attribute that must be included at assembly-level in plug-in assemblies defining a project type.
Public classBuildCancellationManager
Public classConfigurablePropertyAttribute
Custom attribute that, then applied on a property of a class derived from Task, specifies that this property is configurable as an XML attribute in the XML project file.
Public classExportProjectAttribute
Custom attribute that, when applied on a public class implementing the IProjectConfigurationProvider, marks this class as a project configuration provider for the current add-in assembly.
Public classExportServiceAttribute
Custom attribute that, when added to a public class derived from Task or Service, specifies that the target class exports a given set of services. When another task or service imports a service using ImportServiceAttribute, the target task or service will be automatically instantiated as required.
Public classExportTaskAttribute
Custom attribute that, when added to a public class deriving from Task, makes the class available for use in the project system. By default, unless the LoadOnlyIfRequired property is set to false, the task is also automatically added to any project that uses the add-in assembly.
Public classImportServiceAttribute
Public classMessageEventArgs
Arguments of the Message event.
Public classMessageSinkAccessor
Gives access to a remove IMessageSink.
Public classMessenger
Publish-subscribe channel for error messages (Message).
Public classPlatformContext
Public classProject
Contains the actual configuration of the application or project at a given time in the project loading process, i.e. with resolved properties and references.
Public classProjectInvocation
Request to execute a Project.
Public classProjectInvocationParameters
Determines how an already-given module should be processed. Encapsulates a project identity and the properties with which it should be executed.
Public classPropertyCollection
Collection of properties.
Public classService
Public classSharedAnnotationInstance
Implementation of IAnnotationInstance that allows the same custom attribute value to be applied to many target elements.
Public classTagCollection
Collection of tags (see ITaggable). Used to pass tags from the host to the Domain and Project objects.
Public classTask
Execution unit of a Project.
Public classTaskCollection
Collection of tasks (Task).
Public classTaskDependencyAttribute
Public classTaskEventArgs
Public classTaskNames
Public interfaceIExpressionEvaluator
Exposes the services that evaluate expressions inside a PostSharp project.
Public interfaceIPlatformContext
Public interfaceIProjectConfigurationProvider
Instantiates a ProjectConfiguration. This interface must be implemented in plug-ins defining a project, and must be exposed using ExportProjectAttribute.
Public interfaceIProjectServiceProvider
Public interfaceIServiceInitializer<!0> Obsolete.
Allows a Task to define a method InitializeService() to be invoked before a given service is provided to user code for the first time.
Public interfaceIServiceObjectInitializer Obsolete.
Public interfaceIServiceProvider<!0>
Defines the method GetServices(), which allows a Task to expose services that are not directly implemented by the task.
Public enumerationSearchPathUsages
Public enumerationTaskPhase
Public enumerationTaskState
States of a Task.