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PostSharp.Sdk.CodeModel.TypeSignatures Namespace

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Public classArrayTypeSignature
Represents the type of an array.
Public classBoxedTypeSignature
Represents the type of a boxed value.
Public classCustomModifierTypeSignature
Represents a type modified by a custom modifier.
Public classGenericParameterTypeSignature
Represents a reference to a generic parameter.
Public classGenericTypeInstanceTypeSignature
Represents a generic type construction.
Public classIntrinsicTypeSignature
Represents an intrinsic type.
Public classMethodPointerTypeSignature
Represents the type of a method pointer.
Public classPinnedTypeSignature
Represents the type of a pinned pointer.
Public classPointerTypeSignature
Represents the type of a pointer (managed or unmanaged).
Public structureArrayDimension
Specifies the bounds of a single dimension of an ArrayTypeSignature.
Public structureCustomModifier
Represents a custom modifier, which are tags emitted by compilers that add some meaning to the modified type.