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OpCodeNumber Enumeration

Enumeration of all opcode numbers.

Namespace:  PostSharp.Sdk.CodeModel
Assembly:  PostSharp.Compiler.Engine (in PostSharp.Compiler.Engine.dll) Version: (
public enum OpCodeNumber
  Member nameValueDescription
Nop00x00 nop
Break10x01 break
Ldarg_020x02 ldarg.0
Ldarg_130x03 ldarg.1
Ldarg_240x04 ldarg.2
Ldarg_350x05 ldarg.3
Ldloc_060x06 ldloc.0
Ldloc_170x07 ldloc.1
Ldloc_280x08 ldloc.2
Ldloc_390x09 ldloc.3
Stloc_0100x0A stloc.0
Stloc_1110x0B stloc.1
Stloc_2120x0C stloc.2
Stloc_3130x0D stloc.3
Ldarg_S140x0E ldarg.s
Ldarga_S150x0F ldarga.s
Starg_S160x10 starg.s
Ldloc_S170x11 ldloc.s
Ldloca_S180x12 ldloca.s
Stloc_S190x13 stloc.s
Ldnull200x14 ldnull
Ldc_I4_M1210x15 ldc.i4.m1
Ldc_I4_0220x16 ldc.i4.0
Ldc_I4_1230x17 ldc.i4.1
Ldc_I4_2240x18 ldc.i4.2
Ldc_I4_3250x19 ldc.i4.3
Ldc_I4_4260x1A ldc.i4.4
Ldc_I4_5270x1B ldc.i4.5
Ldc_I4_6280x1C ldc.i4.6
Ldc_I4_7290x1D ldc.i4.7
Ldc_I4_8300x1E ldc.i4.8
Ldc_I4_S310x1F ldc.i4.s
Ldc_I4320x20 ldc.i4
Ldc_I8330x21 ldc.i8
Ldc_R4340x22 ldc.r4
Ldc_R8350x23 ldc.r8
Dup370x25 dup
Pop380x26 pop
Jmp390x27 jmp
Call400x28 call
Calli410x29 calli
Ret420x2A ret
Br_S430x2B br.s
Brfalse_S440x2C brfalse.s
Brtrue_S450x2D brtrue.s
Beq_S460x2E beq.s
Bge_S470x2F bge.s
Bgt_S480x30 bgt.s
Ble_S490x31 ble.s
Blt_S500x32 blt.s
Bne_Un_S510x33 bne.un.s
Bge_Un_S520x34 bge.un.s
Bgt_Un_S530x35 bgt.un.s
Ble_Un_S540x36 ble.un.s
Blt_Un_S550x37 blt.un.s
Br560x38 br
Brfalse570x39 brfalse
Brtrue580x3A brtrue
Beq590x3B beq
Bge600x3C bge
Bgt610x3D bgt
Ble620x3E ble
Blt630x3F blt
Bne_Un640x40 bne.un
Bge_Un650x41 bge.un
Bgt_Un660x42 bgt.un
Ble_Un670x43 ble.un
Blt_Un680x44 blt.un
Switch690x45 switch
Ldind_I1700x46 ldind.i1
Ldind_U1710x47 ldind.u1
Ldind_I2720x48 ldind.i2
Ldind_U2730x49 ldind.u2
Ldind_I4740x4A ldind.i4
Ldind_U4750x4B ldind.u4
Ldind_I8760x4C ldind.i8
Ldind_I770x4D ldind.i
Ldind_R4780x4E ldind.r4
Ldind_R8790x4F ldind.r8
Ldind_Ref800x50 ldind.ref
Stind_Ref810x51 stind.ref
Stind_I1820x52 stind.i1
Stind_I2830x53 stind.i2
Stind_I4840x54 stind.i4
Stind_I8850x55 stind.i8
Stind_R4860x56 stind.r4
Stind_R8870x57 stind.r8
Add880x58 add
Sub890x59 sub
Mul900x5A mul
Div910x5B div
Div_Un920x5C div.un
Rem930x5D rem
Rem_Un940x5E rem.un
And950x5F and
Or960x60 or
Xor970x61 xor
Shl980x62 shl
Shr990x63 shr
Shr_Un1000x64 shr.un
Neg1010x65 neg
Not1020x66 not
Conv_I11030x67 conv.i1
Conv_I21040x68 conv.i2
Conv_I41050x69 conv.i4
Conv_I81060x6A conv.i8
Conv_R41070x6B conv.r4
Conv_R81080x6C conv.r8
Conv_U41090x6D conv.u4
Conv_U81100x6E conv.u8
Callvirt1110x6F callvirt
Cpobj1120x70 cpobj
Ldobj1130x71 ldobj
Ldstr1140x72 ldstr
Newobj1150x73 newobj
Castclass1160x74 castclass
Isinst1170x75 isinst
Conv_R_Un1180x76 conv.r.un
Unbox1210x79 unbox
Throw1220x7A throw
Ldfld1230x7B ldfld
Ldflda1240x7C ldflda
Stfld1250x7D stfld
Ldsfld1260x7E ldsfld
Ldsflda1270x7F ldsflda
Stsfld1280x80 stsfld
Stobj1290x81 stobj
Conv_Ovf_I1_Un1300x82 conv.ovf.i1.un
Conv_Ovf_I2_Un1310x83 conv.ovf.i2.un
Conv_Ovf_I4_Un1320x84 conv.ovf.i4.un
Conv_Ovf_I8_Un1330x85 conv.ovf.i8.un
Conv_Ovf_U1_Un1340x86 conv.ovf.u1.un
Conv_Ovf_U2_Un1350x87 conv.ovf.u2.un
Conv_Ovf_U4_Un1360x88 conv.ovf.u4.un
Conv_Ovf_U8_Un1370x89 conv.ovf.u8.un
Conv_Ovf_I_Un1380x8A conv.ovf.i.un
Conv_Ovf_U_Un1390x8B conv.ovf.u.un
Box1400x8C box
Newarr1410x8D newarr
Ldlen1420x8E ldlen
Ldelema1430x8F ldelema
Ldelem_I11440x90 ldelem.i1
Ldelem_U11450x91 ldelem.u1
Ldelem_I21460x92 ldelem.i2
Ldelem_U21470x93 ldelem.u2
Ldelem_I41480x94 ldelem.i4
Ldelem_U41490x95 ldelem.u4
Ldelem_I81500x96 ldelem.i8
Ldelem_I1510x97 ldelem.i
Ldelem_R41520x98 ldelem.r4
Ldelem_R81530x99 ldelem.r8
Ldelem_Ref1540x9A ldelem.ref
Stelem_I1550x9B stelem.i
Stelem_I11560x9C stelem.i1
Stelem_I21570x9D stelem.i2
Stelem_I41580x9E stelem.i4
Stelem_I81590x9F stelem.i8
Stelem_R41600xA0 stelem.r4
Stelem_R81610xA1 stelem.r8
Stelem_Ref1620xA2 stelem.ref
Ldelem1630xA3 ldelem
Stelem1640xA4 stelem
Unbox_Any1650xA5 unbox.any
Conv_Ovf_I11790xB3 conv.ovf.i1
Conv_Ovf_U11800xB4 conv.ovf.u1
Conv_Ovf_I21810xB5 conv.ovf.i2
Conv_Ovf_U21820xB6 conv.ovf.u2
Conv_Ovf_I41830xB7 conv.ovf.i4
Conv_Ovf_U41840xB8 conv.ovf.u4
Conv_Ovf_I81850xB9 conv.ovf.i8
Conv_Ovf_U81860xBA conv.ovf.u8
Refanyval1940xC2 refanyval
Ckfinite1950xC3 ckfinite
Mkrefany1980xC6 mkrefany
Ldtoken2080xD0 ldtoken
Conv_U22090xD1 conv.u2
Conv_U12100xD2 conv.u1
Conv_I2110xD3 conv.i
Conv_Ovf_I2120xD4 conv.ovf.i
Conv_Ovf_U2130xD5 conv.ovf.u
Add_Ovf2140xD6 add.ovf
Add_Ovf_Un2150xD7 add.ovf.un
Mul_Ovf2160xD8 mul.ovf
Mul_Ovf_Un2170xD9 mul.ovf.un
Sub_Ovf2180xDA sub.ovf
Sub_Ovf_Un2190xDB sub.ovf.un
Endfinally2200xDC endfinally
Leave2210xDD leave
Leave_S2220xDE leave.s
Stind_I2230xDF stind.i
Conv_U2240xE0 conv.u
_CountShort225 Number of short opcodes.
Arglist650240xFE 0x00 arglist
Ceq650250xFE 0x01 ceq
Cgt650260xFE 0x02 cgt
Cgt_Un650270xFE 0x03 cgt.un
Clt650280xFE 0x04 clt
Clt_Un650290xFE 0x05 clt.un
Ldftn650300xFE 0x06 ldftn
Ldvirtftn650310xFE 0x07 ldvirtftn
Ldarg650330xFE 0x09 ldarg
Ldarga650340xFE 0x0A ldarga
Starg650350xFE 0x0B starg
Ldloc650360xFE 0x0C ldloc
Ldloca650370xFE 0x0D ldloca
Stloc650380xFE 0x0E stloc
Localloc650390xFE 0x0F localloc
Endfilter650410xFE 0x11 endfilter
Unaligned650420xFE 0x12 unaligned.
Volatile650430xFE 0x13 volatile.
Tail650440xFE 0x14 tail.
Initobj650450xFE 0x15 initobj
Constrained650460xFE 0x16 constrained.
Cpblk650470xFE 0x17 cpblk
Initblk650480xFE 0x18 initblk
Rethrow650500xFE 0x1A rethrow
Sizeof650520xFE 0x1C sizeof
Refanytype650530xFE 0x1D refanytype
Readonly650540xFE 0x1E readonly.
_SequencePoint65279 Pseudo-instruction used internally to denote a SymbolSequencePoint.
_AsyncYieldPoint65278 Pseudo-instruction used internally to denote a yield point in the async method.
_AsyncResumePoint65277 Pseudo-instruction used internally to denote a resume point in the async method.
_CountLarge31 Number of large opcodes.
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