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PostSharp.Sdk.AspectInfrastructure Namespace

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Public classAspectDependency
Represent a dependency relationships between aspects, advices or more generally any object implementing IAspectDependencyObject.
Public classAspectDependencyCollection
Collection of AspectDependency.
Public classAspectDependencyCondition
Represents a condition (i.e., a boolean function) between two dependency objects (IAspectDependencyObject).
Public classAspectDependencyResolver
Compares and sorts dependency objects.
Public classAspectInfrastructureTask
The PostSharp task responsible for the aspect infrastructure.
Public classCanonicalMethodMapping
An implementation of MethodMapping representing an identical mapping, where all parameters are mapped to themselves.
Public classEnhancedLocationInfo
Exposes the accessors (getter, setter, OnInstanceInitialized) of a field or property, as returned by the [!:AspectWeaverTransformationAdder.PrepareLocationForEnhancement] method.
Public classExtendedMethodSemantics
Extends the MethodSemantics with values supported by the aspect infrastructure but that do not exist in the CIL specification, and therefore do not belong to the layer where MethodSemantics is defined.
Public classFactory<!0, !1>
Generic implementation of IFactory<!0>.
Public classLocalVariableStorageProvider
Public classMethodBodyTransformationContext
Context information of a transformation of a method body, passed to the method Implement(MethodBodyTransformationContext).
Public classMethodBodyTransformationRedirection
Encapsulates the information by which an IMethodBodyTransformationInstance specifies in which InstructionBlock the next transformation should emit its instructions, and related pieces of information.
Public classMethodMapping
Represents the mapping of a method (generic parameters, this reference, parameters) to a different method.
Public classMethodMappingInformation
The part of a MethodMapping that is constant over all transformations of a pipeline.
Public classMethodMappingWriter
Emits instructions that load and store arguments and context items in the context of a MethodMapping.
Public classNullTransformationInstance
A transformation instance performing no transformation.
Public classPipelineTransversalState
Contains state shared by all branches and instances of a transformation pipeline. In properties and events, all accessors share the same PipelineTransversalState.
Public classStateMachineTransformationContext
Contains additional information about the transformation context. This information is only relevant inside the MoveNext() method of state machines.
Public classStructuredDeclarationDictionary<!0>
A dictionary whose keys are IMetadataDeclaration and that can be visited in a predictable order. Multiple values can be added to the same key. Visiting semantics are internal.
Public classTransformationContext
Context information of a transformation pipeline.
Public classTransformationInstanceCollection
Collection of transformation instances (IDependencyTransformationInstance).
Public classTypeInitializationManager
Manages initialization of aspects, i.e. the generation aspect initialization methods and the enhancement of constructors so that these methods are invoked.
Public classTypeInitializationManager.StandardRoles
Standard aspect-dependency roles for use with the TypeInitializationManager.
Public structureMethodMappingContextItem
Identifies a piece of run-time information available in the context of a MethodMapping. Sets of available context items are exposed on property AvailableContextItems. Implementations of MethodMappingWriter must a set of methods emitting instructions that get supported context items.
Public interfaceIAspectDependencyObject
Defines the semantics of objects whose dependency relationships can be revolved by the aspect dependency framework.
Public interfaceIComparableAspectDependencyObject
Defines the semantics of an object that can be compared to another using the aspect dependency framework: A class that implements this interface is sorted among all other instances this way instead of using priority or aspect ordering.
Public interfaceIDependencyTransformationInstance
Defines the semantics of an instance of code transformation that is also an aspect dependency object.
Public interfaceIExtendedSemanticsTransformationInstance
A ITransformationInstance that supports any extended semantic (ExtendedMethodSemantics). A transformation that does not implement this interface is considered to support all semantics defined in MethodSemantics, but not in ExtendedMethodSemantics.
Public interfaceIFactory<!0>
Defines the semantics of a factory object. Has a single method Create().
Public interfaceILocalStorage
Public interfaceILocalStorageProvider
Public interfaceIMethodBodyTransformationInstance
Defines the semantics of an instance of a code transformation that modifies the body of a method (i.e. its flow of MSIL instructions).
Public interfaceIStandaloneTransformationInstance
Marker interface that can be put on a transformation instance that means that aspect weaver instance markers can't be used with it.
Public interfaceIStateMachineTransformationInstance Obsolete.
Public interfaceIStructuralTransformationInstance
Defines the semantics of a code transformation that modifies the structure of an element of code (such as: changing its attributes or adding members) but does not modify the body of an existing method.
Public interfaceITransformationInstance
The common interface for all instances of code transformations. This interface has no member.
Public interfaceITypeInitializationClient
Client of the TypeInitializationManager class. Emits aspect initialization instructions into enhanced classes.
Public interfaceITypeInitializationCloneClient
Public interfaceITypeInitializationService