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PostSharp.Sdk.CodeModel.Binding Namespace

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Public classAssemblyBindingPolicy
Specifies a mapping between an assembly reference and the assembly to which the reference is actually resolve. Assembly redirection policies allow to substitute other assemblies to the ones that are actually requested, and therefore support newer versions of these assemblies, or even different variants of the .NET Framework.
Public classAssemblyComparer
Compares two assemblies (IAssembly).
Public classAssemblyIdentityReader
Public classAssemblyLoadException
Exception thrown when an assembly cannot be loaded.
Public classAssemblyLoadHelper
Helper class to load assemblies. Provides a "binding log" for our custom binder and appends this log in exception text.
Public classAssemblyLoadingEventArgs
Arguments of the event AssemblyLoading.
Public classAssemblyLocateEventArgs
Arguments of the [!:AssemblyLocator.LocatingAssembly] event.
Public classBindingConfiguration
Public classBindingContextConfiguration
Public classFileProjectReference
Public classFrameworkProjectReference
Public classGacAssemblyLocatorPolicy
Public classGenericMapComparer
Compares instances of GenericMap.
Public classMarshalTypeComparer
Compare instances of the MarshalType class.
Public classMethodComparer
Compares two methods (IMethod).
Public classMethodSignatureComparer
Compares two method signatures (IMethodSignature).
Public classPackageInfo
Public classPackageInfoFactory
Public classPackageProjectReference
Project reference that points into a NuGet package.
Public classProjectReference
Public classProjectReferences
Public classReferenceBindingContextConfiguration
Public classRuntimeBindingContextConfiguration
Public classSerializedValueComparer
Compares two instances of SerializedValue.
Public classTargetingPackProjectReference
Project reference that points into a reference pack.
Public classTypeComparer
Compares types (IType) using equivalence rules.
Public classTypeMapper
Public classTypeMapperConfiguration
Public structureAssemblyLoadHelper.ActivityCookie
Public enumerationAssemblyMatchResult
Enumeration of reasons of a AssemblyLoadException.
Public enumerationTypeBindingPolicyPriority