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PostSharp.Sdk.CodeWeaver Namespace

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Public classFieldEncapsulation
Information about the encapsulation of a FieldDefDeclaration into a PropertyDeclaration.
Public classJoinPoint
A join point is a location in the code tree.
Public classMethodBodyRestructureExtensions
Public classMethodBodyRestructurer Obsolete.
Restructures a method body so that the original code can be wrapped into a try...catch block.
Public classWeaver
Weaves advices with main source code.
Public classWeavingContext
Context of the current join point.
Public classWeavingHelper
Provides methods that generate frequently used snippets of IL instructions.
Public interfaceIAdvice
An advice is a class that is able to produce some MSIL code.
Public interfaceIAdviceRequiringStackStatus
Public interfaceIBeforeStaticConstructorAdvice
Interface optionally implemented by advices on join points BeforeStaticConstructor, allowing to specify if the BeforeFieldInit class-level specifier is supported by this advice. An advice should return true if it only initializes static fields. The default, if the interface is not specified, is that this specifier is not specified.
Public interfaceIConstructorBodyRestructureResult
Public interfaceIMethodBodyRestructurer<!0>
Public interfaceIMethodBodyRestructureResult
Interface that allows you to read output from a restructuring. (The interface is always implemented by a restructurer, because all restructurers function as their own results. One restructurer can thus only be used once.)
Public interfaceITypedExceptionAdvice
Exposes a method that allows advices of join points AfterMethodBodyException to specify which exceptions should be caught.
Public enumerationConstructorType
Determines whether the instance constructor calls a constructor its own class (this) or in the base class (base).
Public enumerationFieldAttributeDestination
Determines what should be done to a custom attribute on a field as that field is encapsulated into a property.
Public enumerationJoinPointKinds
Kinds of join points.
Public enumerationJoinPointPosition
Position of point points w.r.t. locations.
Public enumerationMethodBodyRestructureOptions
Public enumerationMethodBodyRestructurerOptions Obsolete.
Options for the MethodBodyRestructurer class.