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PostSharp.Sdk.Extensibility.Tasks Namespace

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Public classAnnotationRepositoryTask
Repository of custom attributes applying on a module. Custom attributes may come from different sources (sources would implement the IAnnotationProvider interface) and are indexed by type.
Public classAutoDetectTask
Tasks that detects automatically other tasks required by the module on the base of custom attributes annotated with the RequirePostSharpAttribute custom attribute.
Public classCompileTask
Task that compiles a module into MSIL or into binary form.
Public classDeclarationIdentifierGenerator
Public classDerivedTypeInfo
Relationship between a base type and a derived type.
Public classImplementationBoundAttributesTask
Determines whether a custom attribute is bound to its implementation, i.e. provides an index of instances of the ImplementationBoundAttributeAttribute custom attribute.
Public classImplementationNameGenerator
Public classIndexGenericInstancesTask
Task that references generic instances as tags in generic definitions.
Public classIndexTypeDefMemberRefsTask
Indexes all MemberRefs (MemberRefDeclaration) owned by a TypeDef (Type), and relate them to the corresponding FieldDefDeclaration or MethodDefDeclaration.
Public classIndexUsagesTask
Tasks that references the uses of fields and methods by methods.
Public classMemberTypeInfo
Relationship between a declaration and its type.
Public classMetadataEmitterException
Public classModuleAnnotationProvider
Implementation of IAnnotationProvider that provides the custom attribute instances defined in the module (i.e. CustomAttributeDeclaration).
Public classMulticastAttributesComparer
Provides methods that evaluate if a specific declaration match a value of MulticastAttributes.
Public classMulticastAttributeTask
This task analyze instances of custom attributes derived from MulticastAttribute and propagate them on their target elements in the custom attribute dictionary (AnnotationRepositoryTask) of this module.
Public classRemoveTask
Task that remove declarations from the module. Typically called immediately before compilation.
Public classTypeHierarchyTask
Analysis that builds an inheritance tree of all types in the module.
Public structureMethodUsageInfo
Represents the usage of a MetadataDeclaration inside the body of a MethodDefDeclaration, as instruction operands.
Public structureMulticastMatch
Public interfaceIAnnotationProvider
When implemented by a Task, provides custom attribute instances to the AnnotationRepositoryTask task.
Public interfaceIAnnotationRepositoryService
Exposes the service of the annotation repository. An annotation is a generalization of a custom attribute. Tasks (for instance MulticastAttributeTask) can add annotations that are not represented as custom attributes. The repository is indexed by annotation type.
Public interfaceIDebuggerExtensibilityService
Public interfaceIIndexGenericInstancesService
Provides access to the index of generic instances of generic definitions.
Public interfaceIIndexMethodUsageService
Service (provided by GetServices<T>()) that provides access to the index of method usages.
Public interfaceIMetadataEmitterService
Public interfaceIMulticastAttributeService
Public interfaceINotifyMoveMethodBodyService
Public interfaceITypeHierarchyService
Service (provided by GetServices<T>()) that provides access to the index of type parent-child relationships.
Public enumerationCompileOptimizationMode
Optimization modes of CompileTask.
Public enumerationIndexUsagesInstructions
Bit mask of instructions returned by [!:IndexUsagesTask.GetUsesWithInstructions].