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PostSharp.Sdk.Utilities Namespace

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Public classCoreSystemLock
Public classDebuggerSpecialNames
Generates special names recognized by the debugger.
Public classExceptionContext
Maintains a stack of context information related to an exception. The catch block of an exception handler should call Push(String, Object[]) and rethrow the exception.
Public classExceptionHelper
Provides methods that retrieve exception messages from an embedded resource and throws an exception.
Public classMsilWriterUtility
Provides methods that writes the MSIL code corresponding to an object to a TextWriter.
Public classRetryFileOperation
Public enumerationDebuggerSpecialDeclarationKind
Enumeration of kinds of debugger special names for declarations.
Public enumerationDebuggerSpecialVariableKind
Enumeration of kinds of debugger special names for local variables.
Public enumerationMsilWriterLanguage